Best Hose Timers Reviews

Orbit Single Outlet Programmable Hose Faucet Timer
Rain delay for water conservation
Heavy Duty weatherproof construction
Run time from 1-240 minutes (4 hours)
Instapark PWT-07 Outdoor Waterproof Digital Programmable Single Outlet Automatic On Off Water Faucet Hose Timer
Single-station digital programmable faucet water timer
Weather-resistant & impact-resistance
Bright, vivid, and easy-to-read large 2.1” X 1” LED Display
Dig Corporation Digital Hose End Watering Timer Clamshell
Female hose thread inlet and a male hose thread outlet
Features a six-button programming.
This product has a "Rain off" button

We all strive for the most beautiful lawn or garden. It is a nice thing to go outside for the first time in a day and see that beautiful green grass and those colorful flowers. For some people, that makes their day better, and how else could you start the day? Beauty is something that makes your life better. However, in order to achieve that beauty, you need to work for it. Watering your plants is crucial for their existence, and some individuals invest hundreds of dollars in irrigation systems and whatnot. But did you ever think of investing in the best hose timer?

What is a hose timer?

If you have no idea what that is, let me enlighten you.  A hose timer is a device that will control when and how many times your irrigation system will turn on and water whatever it is that you want to water. People use it for their lawns or flower beds, while others use it for their trees. It is a simple but brilliant device that can mean a lot for the plants, and for you as well.

The benefits of investing in the best hose timer

While many homeowners settle on the old irrigation system, I do not think they are aware of the advantages. After all, when it came out, the device enjoyed a lot of popularity, and it still does. Why do you think that is? Because it does one hell of a job. Here is how a hose timer can be beneficial for you and your home.

  • It will save you time – instead of going and turning off the irrigation yourself a few times a day, the hose timer will do that for you. It will save you time plus effort. The situation gets even better for people who have the habit of watering the plants themselves with the hose. Instead of watering the plants, you can do something for yourself or get ahead with your work. The hose timer will take care of the watering all by itself.
  • You do not have to babysit the plants anymore – if you have a few delicate plants that need a particular quantity of water per day, you no longer have to coddle them. For example, there are species of trees that require a certain amount of water per day, especially when they are young. Well, in those cases, you need to water each tree until it receives the water it needs. With a hose timer, things are different. All you have to do is calculate the water flow per minute and then set the timer for a certain period of time. I suppose you have better things to do with your day. Also, when you leave for a few days on vacation or a business trip, you do not have to pay someone or ask a neighbor to water your lawn. You just set the timer, and you are ready to go. It sounds a lot better, does it not?
  • It saves water – a regular irrigation system will often use more water than the lawn actually needs. Also, you may sometimes turn on the system, and then forget to turn it off. It happens. However, that is a waste of water, and let’s admit that there is not much water to waste, especially in the summer when there is a severe drought in some areas. A hose timer will water your lawn just as you set it to. That means there is no water waste. It is good for your plants, for the environment, and for your own pocket. There is only to gain here. And all of that with a small initial investment.

How to choose the best hose timer

I hope that you are convinced and you want to buy a hose timer. However, that may be a bit confusing since there are so many out there. But things are simpler than you think. All you have to do is follow a few tips. There are criteria to be considered. If you do not know what those are, here is what you need to look for.

  • Single valve or multiple valves – before deciding which one you need, let me explain what each of them is. A single valve hose timer is the basic The timer controls a single flow, and it is the most commonly used hose timer that people buy. On the other hand, what do you do when you have multiple areas in your garden that need different watering hours or quantities? You purchase a multiple valve hose timer. This device will control the flow in different areas of your garden, according to your needs. I think you are familiar with the water puddles on your lawn, right? That is because the surface is uneven. That is also a perfect example of where a multiple valve hose timer is necessary.
  • Mechanical, analog, or digital – I think we know where we stand with that. While mechanical hose timers are still used, they are not as convenient as the other two models. Analog hose timers are ideal if you need to water your lawn once or twice per day, and it is the cheapest alternative you have. However, nothing compares to digital hose timers. They come with screens that give you instructions, and you can set all kinds of watering routines. Some have very cool features. Not to mention that they look a lot better than the other two. Of course, a digital hose timer will be more expensive than the other two models, but you also get more benefits.
  • Weather-resistant – this is an essential After all, your hose timer will spend all its time outside. Make sure that the construction of the device is waterproof, and the more protection from above, the better. Choose a model that is made of metal or high-quality plastic. Otherwise, the sun will burn it, the wind will break it, and the water will ruin its circuits. I think you get the point.
  • Additional features – usually, the digital hose timers come with extra features for you to enjoy. For example, some have something fascinating called ‘rain delay.’ It allows you to postpone watering when it’s raining without affecting the preset programs or the ones you set yourself. It saves water if you think about it. In my opinion, no extra feature is bad.

What are the best hose timers?

There are many models on the market, but please do not go off and buy the first one you find. That may be a mistake, and while some people are lucky and get the right things, some end up in disappointment. So, if you feel like you need some help, here are a few suggestions that should save you the trouble of going through hundreds of models. They are all high-quality, and they were chosen according to hose timers reviews left by people who have already bought the products.

Orbit Single Outlet Programmable Hose Faucet Timer

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If you take a look around, you will notice that Orbit is one of the largest manufacturers when it comes to hose timers. They are pretty good at what they do, and their products are highly appreciated. Surely, you will see why if you decide to buy one of their products.

The device is highly efficient and works with two double AA batteries, but you do not have to worry about it for a long time because it does not need much energy. It has several settings you can use. You can set it to work from 1 to 240 minutes, and the intervals can be configured from six hours to every seven days. You can find this model with two and three valves if you need it.

Other features include a rain delay button that you need to push and will postpone the watering for 24, 48, or 72 hours, and a manual button that will override the programming and turn the irrigation system without affecting the routines you set. The construction of the device is waterproof and overall highly resistant to the elements. If you do decide to purchase this product, you will be more than satisfied with your choice. Not to mention that it is not expensive either. At what it does for you, you get a bargain. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon

Instapark PWT-07 Digital Programmable Hose Timer

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The Instapark is a bit more expensive than the Orbit, but not by much. However, I think it is safe to say that it is of superior quality. It is not about the construction only, but it brings something extra. I think you would be interested to know that people who have already bought this product are more than satisfied with their choice. It works with two AA batteries that will last a very long time.

The Instapark is a single valve hose timer, just like the title suggests. It features an impulse solenoid valve that can be attached to any outdoor faucet with a standard ¾ inches threads. It ensures efficient and flexible control over the frequency of the watering. The programming is fool-proof and user-friendly. You should have no issues learning how to use it, and there is no learning curve.

The construction of the device is weather-resistant because it is made of hard ABS plastic. The dust cover comes in handy if you place the device in the garden. The waterproof capability is rated at IP66. The LED display is big enough for anyone to see, and it is bright. The display will show information like clock, battery strength indicator, and programs. The Instapark hose timer also has a rain delay button that will allow you to postpone the irrigation with 24, 48, and 72 hours, and the manual button will allow you to control the device without interfering with its programs. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon

Dig Corporation Digital Hose Timer

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Last but not least, the Dig hose timer is yet another high-quality product that will allow you to water your plants with no effort on your part. Besides the programming of course, which is very easy to do, by the way. The digital screen will provide all the information you need, and you should have no issue in understanding how it works.

The device is a single valve hose timer and features a female hose thread inlet and a male hose thread outlet. It can be connected to all standard faucets, and installation is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is read the manual carefully. The control panel features six buttons, and it is covered by a lid that will protect it. Among those buttons, you have rain delay control that will postpone watering and a manual control button that will allow you to override the device without affecting its initial programs.

The overall construction of the device is sturdy, which makes it durable. There are no leaks, and it works with a 9V battery. Depending on the quality of the battery, the device can run for months without having to change it. All in all, this is an excellent product that is worth investing in. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon

My recommendation

I am a big fan of everything that is automatic, so if you tell me that I no longer have to care about how many times my lawn needs water, I am sold. I have to admit that I like all three devices, but if I had to choose one, I would go with the Instapark PWT-07 Digital Programmable Hose Timer. It has all the features you may need in a hose timer, and it comes quite cheap. From my standpoint, it is one of the best hose timers you can have in your garden.


Honestly, I am glad that someone thought of a solution to the watering problem. The man who invented this is a genius. You no longer have to invest time in watering, and you save water at the same time. A hose timer does wonders for the environment. Not to mention that it keeps you happy as well. I recommend that you buy one, and you will see what I am talking about. Click here to buy on Amazon

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